Vol. 10, Nos. 1–2 (2019)


Affectionate Accuracy? Willa Cather’s Representations of Bohemian Immigrants
Kristýna Brázdilová and Michal Peprník

Toxic Femininity and Tomboyish Agency: Reshaping Southern Nostagia in Sharp Objects
Veronika Klusáková

The Virtuous Spy: From Major André to Captain Thorne
Tomáš Kačer

What Lies Beneath: Sam Shepard’s Buried Child
Sultan Komut Bakinç

The Other Secrets: Narrative Riddles in Laila Lalami’s The Other Americans
Zuzana Dostálová

Book Reviews

Italian Music in Dakota: The Function of European Musical Theater in U.S. Culture, by Andrea Mariani
(reviewed by Francesca Battaglia)

Scandinavian Crime Fiction, by Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen
(reviewed by Šárka Dvořáková)

The Fetish: Literature, Cinema, Visual Art, by Massimo Fusillo
(reviewed by Felix Purat)

Popular Modernism and Its Legacies: From Pop Literature to Video Games, edited by Scott Ortolano
(reviewed by Tomáš Roztočil)